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Show Tech No More Tear Stains 250 ml

Show Tech No More Tear Stains 250 ml


Reddish-brown spots around the eyes are a common problem in cats and dogs.

This eye cleanser, available in 250 is designed to remove tear stains and for complete care in and around the eyes, but also if you want to get rid of brownish spots in the beard and between your pet's toes. No More Tear Stains helps decongest and unblock clogged and swollen tear ducts

Recommended for all breeds of dogs.

We recommend using No More Tear Stains at least once a day. In severe cases, you can even use it twice. Simply run the product in and around the eye. Then clean and dry the eyes with a cloth or cotton pad. You can also use an eye cleansing wipe.

Keeping the hair around the eye dry is the main secret to not getting dark spots. In most cases, it's about keeping the eyes as dry as possible and cleaning them every day. With daily use in and around the eyes, this Reddish Streak Lotion will help unclog blocked ducts and allow tears to stay translucent.

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